Raw. Cold Pressed. Natural.


Instead of boring you with some long-winded story, we thought we’d simply throw down the facts…

  • Unlike most other almond milks that use stabilisers, chemicals and refined sugar to compensate for taste and extend shelf life, our milk has no added sugar, preservatives or additives.
  • We are gluten, dairy, lactose and GMO free. This also means we’re good as gold if you’re vegan.
  • We developed our products with the help of a few legendary baristas, meaning our milks are perfect for coffee and froth exceptionally well. They're also a tidy addition to tea, smoothies, muesli and baking.
  • Our superfood smoothies increase libido.



  • We use premium Australian almonds. In fact, each bottle contains 12% premium Australian almonds in all our products.
  • Typical almond milk offerings in New Zealand contain as little as 1.5% almond content.
  • Our unique thousand year old cold pressed process ensures no heat is added during production, the result is a damn fine raw product filled with all of it’s intended goodness.
  • Our use of all-natural premium ingredients ensures an honest product stacked with vitamins, minerals, proteins and heart healthy fats.
  • We use no numbers, nor ingredients you can’t pronounce.



The Mylk Boys Difference

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Almond Original

Premium raw activated almonds (12%), filtered water,
Malborough rock salt, natural vegetable gum

Almond Sweetened

Premium raw activated almonds (12%), filtered water, dates,
cinnamon, Malborough rock salt, natural vegetable gum. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much almond is really in our nut mylk?
A whopping 12%. By comparison, the mass­ produced varieties found on supermarket shelves generally contain as little as 1.5% almonds while also using oils, sugars and other additives.

Where do our almonds come from?
Because we’re only interested in the best almonds available, we source ours from premium Australian growers.

Why cold press?
Unlike other methods which subject each ingredient to large amounts of heat, our unique cold­ pressed method applies several tonnes of pressure to extract the maximum amount of goodness. In turn, the nutritional integrity of each ingredient remains intact. This way, with no heat added, no nutrients or enzymes are lost in the process.

Why is our mylk more expensive than other brands?
Our product contains more nuts. A lot more nuts. Quality nuts whose nutrients are imparted in our premium product. Being that it is a raw and perishable product, it also needs to reach consumers quickly as there are no additives or preservatives used to extend its shelf life. Delivering this natural, health giving and quality product is why our milk costs a little more. To be honest, the fact that most others aren’t priced similarly is somewhat of a concern!

Why don’t we use glass bottles? Also, are our plastic bottles BPA free?
We've thought long and hard about this only to decide that plastic bottles are actually a much better choice than glass for several reasons. Firstly, plastic is a lot lighter than glass, meaning that less energy (and carbon) is consumed in producing and delivering each bottle. Not only that but plastic requires far less energy than glass to be recycled. And of course, the plastic bottles that we use are 100% BPA free.

Why does almond mylk separate?
Like all nut mylks, occasionally the dense nut material in Mylk Boys likes to settle at the bottom. The natural difference in the densities of the two ingredients (almonds, water) mean that this is completely normal. Rest assured, they get on like a house on fire when given a good shake up.

What is your shelf life compared to other almond mylk companies?

We like to keep things fresh, natural and raw. Because of this we refuse to add any chemicals to extend the shelf life of Mylk Boys. By taking away any variables that might harm our product, and in doing so keeping it as close to its natural state as possible, it is best to consume our mylk within five days. Just check our ingredients label compared to other brands.

So are the UHT almond milks bad for you?
In short, no. But they offer a great deal less nutritionally. Aside from the fact that most UHT brands have between 2% and 3% almond content (meaning that Mylk boys contains anywhere between three to six times as much) UHT products cook the almond milk at such high temperatures that it damages the nutrient profile, flavour and texture of the milk. In order to repair the damage, many brands fortify their product with vitamins, minerals, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

Should I refrigerate mylk boys almond mylk? 
100%. It is a raw product with no preservatives or additives and should be stored less than 4°C for optimum shelf life.

Where can I buy your mylk?
It’s only natural that you’ll want to get your hands on some of our product. See our stockist page for a list of current suppliers, though please inform us if you would like Mylk Boys to be stocked elsewhere.